Primary Colors, Three Ways

I’ve been feeling colorful. Mainly because I stumbled upon both red and cobalt jeans in Macy’s for only $20 and couldn’t resist getting them and pairing them with other primary colored items already in my closet.

Left (Nautical Boho): Red Jeans: Macy’s, Top, Camis, and Necklace: Forever 21, Satin Flats: H&M, Bangles: Amrita Singh

Middle (Prim and Proper): Leggings: Old Navy, Blazer: old, Tee and Cami: Forever 21, Lizard Print Flats: H&M, Necklace: Barbara Weinreb

Right (Sophisticated Boho): Cobalt Jeans: Macy’s, Tee: Old Navy, Cami: Forever 21, Wedges: BCBG, Scarf: Francesca’s Collection

Who ever knew that I would get so much use out of a $3 yellow cami? I also feel the need to disclose that I was only able to wear that scarf draped over my shoulders for about forty five seconds once I left my house. While it may be a dramatic way to wear a scarf, it is not a practical one. Especially if there is the slightest bit of wind. Live and learn.

I need you all to know that the two outermost bracelets are from Target and are 3 for $9 right now! In all different colors! Stock up for your summer outfits!

Have I mentioned that when you see a piece somewhere that you think is special, you must snatch it up? Well, you must. I came across this amazing little yellow snakeskin clutch at a craft fair years ago. It was more than I would normally have paid for a no name bag, but worth every penny. This bag gives ordinary outfits that extra little something to make them special. Truly one of my favorites.

Have you guys been playing with color like I have been this spring?


Modern Disco

Here is a 1970’s inspired look I put together. (I was going for a modern “if the Charlie’s Angels went to Studio 54” type of seventies look.)

I went with a wide legged trouser jean, sequined top, and a black blazer, all atop a pair of round toe black pumps with a very slight platform.


For my face, I did a toned down (and swapped out black for green) version of this look from Kevin Aucoin’s Making Faces:


Here it is. See? Toned down. Though I was going to perform, so I threw on some individual false lashes. Still toned down.


My hair was totally daring. And by totally daring, I mean parted in the center instead of the side (as well as slightly feathered). I’m pretty sure the last time I seriously wore a center part was 1996. Isn’t it the weirdest thing how something as simple as changing the location of your part makes your whole face look different?


And, of course, my caviar mani topped off the disco vibe I’ve got going on.


I think I pulled off a very particular look without crossing the line into being costumey or kitsch.


It’s almost summer… Unleash your inner child

I never want to be the type of adult who acts like one. I regularly forget my age and I suggest you do too. Doesn’t warm weather just scream for you to spontaneously break into song, scare the bejeezus out of a friend, or play some type of ridiculous game? It should. You’re only as young as you feel. Most days I feel 16. Sometimes 12. Once in a while, 22.

Don’t think I’m all talk and no action either. Here I am at a barbecue I hosted which included ladder ball, aqua hopscotch, sparklers, and champagne sangria. What’s not to like?


Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend everyone!


The Perfect Red Lip


After weeks of experimenting with various combinations of red lip liners, sticks, balms, and glosses, I stumbled upon the perfect red lip method. (By perfect, I mean, doesn’t smudge or bleed or look too glaringly red, all while staying put.) And SO simple.

Step 1. Slick on some plain old lip balm. (Or use a nude tinted balm for a mellower look. Both are great.)

Step 2. Fill in lips with red lip pencil. (I used Sephora retractable one like this.)

Step 3. Mush everything together with a lip brush. If you use the same pencil I did, this is right on the end.

Step 4. Stare in awe at your lovely red lips.


Lace and Studs

I’m so obsessed with this lace blazer that I am legitimately angry with myself for not also purchasing it in black. You know what they say about hindsight. I chose to pair it here with jeans and some tougher feeling accessories, in order to make the lace a little less prissy and girly. I think it worked out well.
White Lace Blazer: Forever 21, Jeans: The Avenue, Tee: American Apparel, Studded Flats: Enzo Angiolini (better seen here).

Handbag and Necklace: MEXX, Earrings: NikiStar Accessories, Sunglasses: Burberry, Black Flower Ring: Aldo Accessories, Evil Eye Bracelet: random street vendor, Macramé Bracelet: gift, Butterfly Ring: my own fine jewelry.

When I wore this, I decided that the brown sunglasses didn’t match at all. So I went out and bought these gorgeous little Burberries that matched so much better!

Do you guys like mixing hard and soft trends as much as I do?


Mani Monday: Ciaté Caviar

Happy Monday, darlings!

I’m a total sucker for any new beauty product. This new mani set was so hot off the presses when I asked for it at Sephora that it was still in the stockroom (and only one employee in the entire store even knew it was back there). Being the first person to purchase a product was pretty thrilling, I must admit. In my delusional mind, I am now a trendsetter.

Here’s the kit and what it comes with.

I decided to go do the caviar just as an accent nail. Experimenting on all ten nails would have been too huge of an undertaking. I followed the directions pretty exactly and got great results. It really does have the look of caviar or pavé black diamonds, both of which are favorites of mine.

Here is the result: (It’s much sparklier and more impressive in person.)


The box says lasts up to 48 hours. Here we are that much later:

Still looking pretty good.

After 72 hours:

Yikes. Glad I just did one nail.

What bugged me the most about this mani? Not the extra work involved. (Besides being a more involved process, I also had to do two manis in one week.) That didn’t bother me at all. Every time I ran my hands through my hair, the damn micro beads got caught in my tresses! (Side note: I apparently touch my hair a lot more than I realized.)

Would I do it again? Yes. For an event. This is not a mani that lasts.

Stay tuned for more caviar mani experiments. (I paid $25 for this kit, so I will make certain to get some use out of it.) A friend is going to try it with her Shellac mani. I’ll be sure to report back here with her results too!


The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far…


I’m shopping in Loehmann’s with my friend, A, the other day and stumbled upon some Wacoal bras that were 1/2 off the original price. Tried one on, loved it, then went through a major internal debate about how many to buy. There were four in my size in the store. Buying four of the exact same bra seemed a little excessive though. A thought I should buy two. Sounded reasonable, but I still wasn’t sure exactly what to do. So obviously, I had to text The Mamma. (Yes, I am a grown up who text messages her mother when she doesn’t know what to do. She has way more shopping wisdom than I do. Where do you think most of my Shopping Commandments came from? Years and years worth of shopping trips with The Mamma.)

Here is how the conversation went:

Elle: What is a reasonable number of the same bra to buy? Wacoal half off. Keep in mind it is unlined.
Elle’s Mamma: If the fit and price is right I would say at least 4… If they are really cheap and fit well maybe 6. Nordstrom sells them for $80 to $100.
Elle: Alright, alright… I’ll go with three or four.

Several things happened during this interaction. I’ll tick them off for you, one by one.

First, “Hey Big Spender” started playing in my head while reading The Mamma’s response.

Then I got distracted by floor length formal gowns I have no use for.

Then I suddenly realized why I shop so much and have such an exact method for it. Not sure if this is a nature thing or a nurture thing, but it’s definitely something. The Mamma’s mamma was also a serious shopper in her day. Serious enough that she would cook dinner early in the morning then jet off to Herald Square to hit Macy’s, shop, and get back in enough time to heat up said dinner before my grandfather arrived home from work.

Was this behavior learned by The Mamma from her mother and in turn learned by me from both of them? Or is there some illicit recessive shopping gene that has been passed on through the maternal DNA in my family? If so, it must be female specific, because my brother is the world’s worst shopper (and illicits no pleasure from the act at all). I don’t have the answers here. If any major universities are reading this, maybe you should conduct a long term study to answer these burning questions I’ve presented. I’m sure you’ve got nothing better to do.

If you’re wondering how many of the bras I bought that day…. All four. Plus a floppy wool hat. And a bracelet. And a pair of black leather wedges. And the day before I may have gone to Macy’s myself and bought four pairs of jeans I didn’t need.

Ugh, I blame my mother.


High Five For Friday!


My five favorite things this week, in no particular order….

1. Nights at home, doing experimental manicures, researching makeup looks, and listening to fab old music…


2. Wilson Phillips’ new album Dedicated. LOVE. It’s all their parents’ songs. Doesn’t get better.


3. Coworkers who bring me delicious South American pastries.


4. Making music. Doing it well and being proud of the result. Call it a singers’ high.


5. An amazing meal of grilled baby octopus salad, followed by a divine bouillabaisse, all wrapped up in a fab Cabernet. The meal and the company were both so good I didn’t even think to photograph it. So instead here’s a photo of the shoes I wore whilst eating the delicious meal with the fabulous people.


That’s it for my week! What was your favorite part?


Outfit: Brights and Neutral Patterns

I love bright colors with neutral patterns. I especially love kelly green. If I could get away with wearing it every day, I would.

Blazer: Ambition, Leggings: Target, Leopard Top: Forever 21, Flats: H&M, Eyeglasses: Chanel

I just happened to have this necklace, which was a perfect match for the outfit!

Necklace: Amrita Singh

The chunky gold bracelets are actually a necklace I wrapped around my wrist a million times. The rest is my own fine jewelry and a street vendor find which you’ve seen my wear pretty much daily.

Necklace: JBK Jewelry Collection

What have you guys been wearing this week?