Modern Disco

Here is a 1970’s inspired look I put together. (I was going for a modern “if the Charlie’s Angels went to Studio 54” type of seventies look.)

I went with a wide legged trouser jean, sequined top, and a black blazer, all atop a pair of round toe black pumps with a very slight platform.


For my face, I did a toned down (and swapped out black for green) version of this look from Kevin Aucoin’s Making Faces:


Here it is. See? Toned down. Though I was going to perform, so I threw on some individual false lashes. Still toned down.


My hair was totally daring. And by totally daring, I mean parted in the center instead of the side (as well as slightly feathered). I’m pretty sure the last time I seriously wore a center part was 1996. Isn’t it the weirdest thing how something as simple as changing the location of your part makes your whole face look different?


And, of course, my caviar mani topped off the disco vibe I’ve got going on.


I think I pulled off a very particular look without crossing the line into being costumey or kitsch.