Meet Elle!

Hello Lovelies!

I am Elle, one-third of the mind here at One Mind, Two Coasts. I am so excited to share my thoughts and experiences with you. Here I am in bullet points:

  • I comprise one-half of our East Coast division.
  • I love makeup, hair, nails, skincare, and all things beauty related. If I was smarter when I was young I would’ve gone to MUD and made a career out of cosmetics.
  • I am a pescetarian, so you can expect lots of fish based and meatless recipes from me. On a side note, until a week ago I was pronouncing the word pescetarian incorrectly and Italianizing it. Whoopsies.
  • I am a proud American of Italian descent. I think this is important info for you to have so you know what lens I’m seeing the world through.
  • I am what Harry Burns called the worst kind of girl: high maintenance while truly believing I am low maintenance.
  • I utilize medicinal herbs and singing loudly and often to cope with the stresses of my life.
  • I’m a super short and super curvy girl who loves clothes and can’t wait to start sharing my outfits with you. I’m a firm believer that confidence is the best accessory. If you think you can pull it off, you can. (To a point. Let’s not get crazy. I won’t be leaving the house in a midriff top and cutoff shorts anytime soon, and you shouldn’t be either.)
  • I love television even though I know it rots my brains. I make up for it by loving books more.
Well dolls, now I feel that I’ve properly introduced myself. I cannot wait to start blogging for you!
Hugs and kisses,

Feel Like Crap? Get Dressed Up!


No seriously. Whenever I feel extra crappy if I get dressed in a cute outfit, do my hair, and throw a little makeup on I instantly feel better because I look better.

Nothing adds to a sad mood like walking past a mirror and seeing a limp ponytail and baggy sweatpants. So make the inside match the outside by wearing something that makes you feel fantastic! I guarantee results.

What do you do to break yourself out of a funk?

Hugs and kisses,


Pointy Nail Craze: Still On The Fence


I’ve really been on the fence about this new super pointy nail trend. It seems everyone is on board lately. First it was just Fergie, Lady Gaga, and Adele. Now I see the girls checking me out at Forever 21 with elaborately designed long pointed nails every week.

I’m still just not sure how I feel about them, so I decided to try a modified version on myself this week. I don’t like the look of long nails so mine are much shorter than all of the pointed nails in question and, to be honest, a bit less pointed. I couldn’t bring myself to go full on talon.


I kept them nude with just a pop of color via contrasting stripes and polka dots. Thoughts? Are you into this trend or do you think my hands look foolish right now? Every time I look at my hands I feel like Maleficent.

Hugs and kisses,


UPDATE as of 4/22/12: I couldn’t look at my hands with these pointy claws for one more second. I broke and took out my emery board to go right back to my tried and true squoval. Pointy nails are apparently just too trendy for me.

Elle’s Ten Shopping Commandments


1. Know Thy Body. Knowing what looks best on your body shape saves you so much time shopping! Example: I’m 5’2″ and have super short legs. Skinny and straight legged pants make my legs look longer, while bootcuts and wide legs, make me look like I have two foot long tree stumps as my lower half. Knowing this makes shopping for pants much simpler. Knowledge about your body and what looks good on it is power where shopping is concerned.

2. Try On, Try On, Try On! A hanger is not a body. It means nothing if clothes look good on it. Try everything on. What looks like a lifeless rag on a hanger may be the most exquisite article of clothing once draped over your body!

3. Dress For Battle. I have a shopping uniform that makes try ons (both in and out of the dressing room) so simple: leggings, tank, cardi, shoulder or cross body bag (so you have both hands free), and flats, Uggs, or flip flops.

4. Shop Like It’s Your Job. Employers have to give you breaks, so make sure you give yourself one too. If you’re doing a full day of shopping, make sure you sit down in the middle of the day and have a nice lunch. A shorter shopping trip? Take a coffee break. Nothing ruins a shopping trip more than hunger and exhaustion based crankiness.

5. Have A Shopping Buddy. Ideally, she is a stylish friend who will tell you the truth about how things look on you. And you should be close enough that she won’t get insulted if you tell her something she tries on looks terrible.

6. Be Adventurous. You won’t know if a trend will look good until you try it. You may think that the current neon craze isn’t for you, but you won’t know until you try on that neon color block top, now will you? Don’t rule anything out!

7. Consider Your Closet. Think about what you have as you shop. Already own nine black cardigans? You don’t need another! Put it back! Own tons of black? Think about buying statement pieces in bright colors. Consider what you already own as you shop. You need not buy outfits, only pieces which will become outfits once introduced to your closet.

8. Consider Your Life. Do you have ten cocktail dresses in your closet and no weddings in sight? Get out of the formalwear department. Have a toddler who loves to grab things? Shop for statement bracelets instead of dangling earrings. Your wardrobe needs to match your life or it’ll only ever see the inside of your closet.

9. Think Outside The Box. Been dying for a menswear inspired button down tunic and just can’t find one? Go to the men’s department and try on an oversized shirt with a belt cinching the waist in. You’re a bigger girl shopping in a store that doesn’t sell plus sizes? Shop around, try stuff on. I bet you’ll find things you love that fit. Creative solutions, my lovelies!

10. Covet Thy Neighbor’s Style. Check out your friends’ and coworkers’ outfits. Ask them where they got anything they’re wearing that you love. Hone ideas from their looks. Women love to talk about what they’re wearing and inspire others to try a new look. Even complimenting a stranger will open up a convo about some great new shop she found or a brand she loves.

Happy Shopping!

Hugs and kisses,


Outfit of The Day: The Shoes Make The Look

Riding Pants:, Tee: American Apparel, Cardi: Bobeau

Hello lovelies!

Today’s outfit was taken from neutral and blah to fabulous with the help of some carefully chosen accessories. Indian inspired gold bangles and big hoops (which Tink is hanging out on) add necessary above the waist sparkle and jingle. Meanwhile, below my ankles, multicolored gemstone embellished satin peeptoe flats add a pop of contrasting color to my black/beige/army green ensemble.

Flats: Report, Earrings: Disney Couture, Bangles: Amrita Singh

How do you jazz up your neutrals? Do you love a colorful shoe as much as I do?

Hugs and kisses,


Albacore Tuna with Soy, Ginger, and Lemon

I love tuna in any form. Raw, cooked to any degree of doneness, as a tartare starter, in a salad. Just give it to me and I’ll eat it.

Today I made some Albacore tuna steaks in an incredibly unoriginal marinade. Unoriginal, but completely delicious. Here’s what it entailed.


Albacore Tuna in Soy, Lemon, and Ginger Marinade (serves 2- increase quantities as needed)

2 Albacore tuna steaks (God bless Trader Joe’s for their fab frozen fish section)
Soy sauce
Ponzu sauce
Zest of half a lemon
Three cloves of garlic, chopped or grated
A hefty pinch of dried ginger (don’t judge me, I’m out of fresh)
(In an ideal world, you may want to throw some toasted sesame oil in the marinade.)

You just need enough soy and ponzu sauce to cover the fish. Don’t bother measuring. Just used half of each. Mix it all up, toss in a ziplock bag and marinate for about an hour. I wouldn’t do any longer than that. Fish is super porous and reacts in weird ways. You don’t want to make accidental tuna ceviche.

Sear the fish in a bit of olive oil in a super hot pan to desired doneness. My fish was frozen, so I cooked it until done all the way through. If it was fresh though, I definitely would’ve left it very rare.

Here’s what it looked like!


What did you have for dinner tonight?

Hugs and kisses,


Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing…


I had this past Sunday off, which is not the norm for me. I had a million things that I needed to do, could have done, and probably should have done. I did not a one of them and it was great. I took the whole day to do nothing.

I set up a beach blanket in my yard, made myself a delicious iced latte, and loaded up my essentials. I had a Kindle full of unread books, Giorgia’s Greatest Hits on my iPod (she’s an Italian pop singer. Look her up on iTunes. You won’t be sorry), and my phone for texting and Instagram photos. I laid out in the sun, read, and listened to music all day. It was glorious. Heavenly. As perfect as a day on the beach.

Sometimes a day to recharge is just the thing you need. If you are blessed with a yard like I am, I suggest you use it. If not, just get out and spend a day on the grass at your local park! Pack yourself a picnic lunch. You will thank me later.

What about you guys? Do you take days to do nothing sometimes?

Hugs and kisses,