Sensationail DIY Gel Mani Review


One word: LOVE!

Seriously, this kit is amazing. The instructions are great, so I won’t even get into the details of how to use, but I will give you a little pro/con list.

Cheap! (About $50 at CVS, which is not much more than one gel mani in a salon.)
LED light included (so no worries about nasty UV rays!)
DIY, so you play with all sorts of different funky looks.
Manis in pj’s. Love.
Truly lasts two weeks. No chips.
You can paint over the gel and essentially get two manis out of one gel mani.

DIY, so if want a salon experience, you’re not getting it.
Gel polishes are pricier than regular polishes.
You really do need a steady hand. If polish gets on your cuticles, the mani will peel.
Must be soaked off.

Basically, if you are very proficient at DIY manis, you will probably love the Sensationail kit. (FYI, The light can used interchangeably with other gel polishes– Gelish, OPI Gel Polish, Shellac, et cetera.)