Crisp White Shirts and Dark Denim Jeans…


…coupled with some big, bold, colorful accessories are the ultimate in chic. There is no way to not feel pulled together in an outfit like this, any time of year.

What’s your go-to outfit?



Maxi Skirts and Oxford Shirts

I really wanted to find a way to wear this pleated maxi skirt to work, so I needed to figure out how to make it seem a little less casual. (To me, maxi skirts usually scream barbecues, summer shopping trips, and nights out to off off Broadway shows followed by overpriced lattes at a sidewalk cafe. I love all of the aforementioned activities. They don’t really scream “professional” though, do they? Didn’t think so.)

Pleated Maxi Skirt: LYS, Oxford Shirt: old, Glitter Flats: Qupid

Enter this old white oxford shirt from the back of my closet. It dressed up the skirt enough to turn my knit skirt into a work friendly outfit. Tying it up above my waist (instead of tucking it in) made it just funky enough for my tastes. Add sparkly jewelry and a big bun on top of my head, and I was ready for not only a day at the office but also a late dinner out with friends. All hail the double duty outfit (which, btdubs, looked way better in person than it does in this photo).

Necklace: Guess, Feather Ring: Amrita Singh, Evil Eye Bracelet: random street fair, Butterfly Ring, Tennis Bracelet, Earrings: my own fine jewelry.

Incidentally, I saw M that evening and asked for her opinion on my outfit. She thought it a bit “costumey.” To be perfectly honest, I don’t mind that assessment at all. Aren’t all clothes costumes in one way or another?