Catalyst Juice Cleanse Review

Hi my loves!

I recently did a juice cleanse and wanted to share my experience with you. So I snapped some pics and took notes daily about how I felt.

After hearing M rave to me about how much she loved the Blueprint Cleanse she did, I was on the lookout for a cleanse to do myself.

Finding Catalyst Cleanse on RueLaLa for about 30% off with free shipping sounded perfect so I ordered it. (Here is there website. Check it out.)

The customer service department at Catalyst was so friendly and accommodating (even when I scheduled, cancelled, and rescheduled).

I chose to do a four day cleanse. It shipped overnight in an insulated package surrounded by ice packs.

20130313-153257.jpgice packs are still frozen, so that’s a good sign!

The cleanse consists of six juices per day, plus lots of water in between juices, and herbal tea (if you want. And I did want).

Here is exactly what you get:

20130313-154241.jpgAs far as taste goes, they’re pretty delicious. Except for the beet. Ugh, the beet. By day four it didn’t taste as bad, but it never tasted remotely good to me (which is odd, since I like actual beets).

20130313-154620.jpgmy fridge, stocked full of juice.

I’m going to copy and paste directly the Bridget Jonesesque notes I took for you:

Day 1
Some hunger around 5-6 and 8-9. LOVE tea! Tea is amazing. Tea is Godsend. No caffeine no problem. Who am I? Oh, and beet juice is icky. Hard to suck that one down.


Day 2
Hungry if wait too long between juices. SO cold. Frozen. Goosebumps. I am incredibly cold. And have to pee a lot. A LOT. Beet juice doesn’t taste as bad today. Still not good though. Definitely not good. Skin glowy. Psoriasis flair up pretty much gone.

Day 3
Not really hungry at all. Waterlogged and sick of peeing constantly though. Juices are pretty dense. Take much longer to drink than water. Forty minutes to an hour and a half to drink a bottle. Carrot ok. Beet I could live without. Green and cayenne lemonade delicious. Cashew milk divine. Heavenly. Nectar of gods. Skin glowy. Energy level waning. And feel very cold. Tongue feel weird after juice five. Icky and coated. Yuck. Starting to get a canker sore.


Day 4
Psoriasis completely cleared. Don’t even need concealer. Two compliments about my glowing skin. I want to juice cleanse once a month! I feel so clean. Except for the canker sore. That shit is gross. Thinking of drinking green juice for breakfast daily now and a glass of cayenne lemonade every day.

Post Cleanse
Lost 9.8 pounds.
Feel amazing. Like I don’t even need coffee. More alert during and after cleanse. Cleaner feeling.

Skin is SO GLOWING!!! Without makeup I look like I have foundation and blush on! Psoriasis completely gone! I would gladly give up solid food forever to look like this all the time.

Eating raw on day 1. Strangely enough, I’m not as full eating food as I am drinking juice.

20130313-155359.jpgsee? Glowing! This is my amazing post cleanse skin with not a drop of makeup on within minutes of waking up.

It’s been about almost a month since I did the Catalyst Cleanse. I’ve continued to drink a green smoothie for breakfast everyday. I also try to drink a cayenne lemonade once a day, and stay as raw as possible until dinner. It’s amazing how much cleaner you feel after cleansing.

Honest to God, if the juices weren’t $60 a day, I would do a juice cleanse one weekend every month. I hope you’ll try one out!


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