Elle’s Golden Globes 2013 Red Carpet Roundup!

How great were this year’s Golden Globes? So full of entertainment and none of last year’s awkwardness. And the dresses… Oh my, the dresses. Lets get right into it, shall we?

White, white, and more white seems to be the color of the moment. All of the white (and varying pale neutral) gowns were very refreshing and not at all bridal looking. I’m hoping this trend is here to stay. These were my favorite white dresses of the evening:


The ladies in my favorite black gowns of the Globes all had a great head to toe look, in my opinion. To me, the best black dresses have something special about them (whether it’s some type of embellishment or a unique shape), and these all fit the bill.


The girls who chose to do color seemed to really have fun with their look. Rosario Dawson proves in the pic below that a smile really is the best accessory. I am also thrilled that Taylor Swift is dressing like a grownup.


Now, here’s the fun part! My best and worst dressed lists! (I feel like Mr Blackwell. I hope the power doesn’t go to my head.) I chose my best from each of the color categories I laid out.

Best Dressed!

20130114-014227.jpg Kate Hudson is perfection in that McQueen. It’s just dripping off of her and the gold embellishments are just enough. Carla Gugino’s entire look is beautiful but take a close look at that gown. It’s a work of art. It is amazing that somehow Francesca Eastwood’s elaborate white lace gown with a train is so perfect and nothing like a bridal gown even though on paper it is. And Emily Blunt is perfection from head to toe. Brava, ladies!

Now, for the uncomfortable business of naming my worst dressed.

20130114-014837.jpg Jodie Foster, there is a way to wear head to toe sparkle (see Sofia Vergara above) and this is not it. Eva, Eva, Eva… Did you learn nothing from Angelina Jolie’s leg? Lena Dunham just looked wildly uncomfortable all night. If you can’t sit/stand/move comfortably in something, please don’t wear it. Mayim Bialik somehow managed the impossible feat of making an intricately beaded gown look just like a paper sack dress. And Guiliana, you disappoint me the most because I know that you know better. That dress looks like a very fancy neck brace.

And a big major fist pump/shout out/go girl to Amy Poehler and Tina Fey who proved that women can be smart, funny, AND pretty all at the same time.


What were your thoughts on Golden Globes fashion?


Psst… I wrote this post prior to watching any fashion recaps or reading any online so my opinions wouldn’t be skewed. I take my responsibilities to you guys seriously.

Blue and White, Plus…


I go on color combo kicks from time to time. Lately, I’ve really been loving blue and white with a pop of yellow. I wore both of these outfits last week and may have even picked up a few more blue and white items today. Which I’ll probably wear with that same yellow necklace. It may be time for a color intervention.

By the by, I wore the same accessories (neon arm party, yellow J Crew like necklace, brown sandals, and newly purchased Prada sunglasses) with both outfits.

Do you guys consider wearing a similar color pallet several times in a row a rut? Or just a good run for those shades (like I do)?