Let’s talk sunglasses…

Let’s chat about sunglasses for a bit… If you ever leave your house during daylight hours, you need them. They protect your precious eyes and vision, and save you from squinting (aka, not causing crow’s feet).

I love any type of accessories and love to switch them up to match my outfits or my mood. I feel that everyone should have at least two pair of sunglasses (especially if, like me, you switch back and forth between glasses and contacts; some of mine are prescription, some are not). You need one classic style that you can dress up or down and wear with everything. Those are your classic aviators or bold plastic frames. They’re equally appropriate at a wedding/funeral or with jeans at the park. Then (depending on your taste) you need a pair that is funkier or bolder or sportier.

Here is my collection of sun with brands and descriptors listed for you. What is in your collection?



I totally forgot to pop a pic of these in the collage above. They’re Prada and totally mod. I’m obsessed with them.



Lace and Studs

I’m so obsessed with this lace blazer that I am legitimately angry with myself for not also purchasing it in black. You know what they say about hindsight. I chose to pair it here with jeans and some tougher feeling accessories, in order to make the lace a little less prissy and girly. I think it worked out well.
White Lace Blazer: Forever 21, Jeans: The Avenue, Tee: American Apparel, Studded Flats: Enzo Angiolini (better seen here).

Handbag and Necklace: MEXX, Earrings: NikiStar Accessories, Sunglasses: Burberry, Black Flower Ring: Aldo Accessories, Evil Eye Bracelet: random street vendor, Macramé Bracelet: gift, Butterfly Ring: my own fine jewelry.

When I wore this, I decided that the brown sunglasses didn’t match at all. So I went out and bought these gorgeous little Burberries that matched so much better!

Do you guys like mixing hard and soft trends as much as I do?