Let’s talk sunglasses…

Let’s chat about sunglasses for a bit… If you ever leave your house during daylight hours, you need them. They protect your precious eyes and vision, and save you from squinting (aka, not causing crow’s feet).

I love any type of accessories and love to switch them up to match my outfits or my mood. I feel that everyone should have at least two pair of sunglasses (especially if, like me, you switch back and forth between glasses and contacts; some of mine are prescription, some are not). You need one classic style that you can dress up or down and wear with everything. Those are your classic aviators or bold plastic frames. They’re equally appropriate at a wedding/funeral or with jeans at the park. Then (depending on your taste) you need a pair that is funkier or bolder or sportier.

Here is my collection of sun with brands and descriptors listed for you. What is in your collection?



I totally forgot to pop a pic of these in the collage above. They’re Prada and totally mod. I’m obsessed with them.



Hawaiian … Pastels???


Hello my lovelies!

I found out one day last week that we were having a Hawaiian themed day at work for casual Friday. There are not many trends or looks that I rule out, but I draw the line at Hawaiian shirts or coconut bras. No and no. Instead of the company suggested Don Ho-like button downs (who comes up with these things?), I opted for a more subtle sheer pastel floral top that had been hanging out in my closet with tags on it for months. I accessories with some simple flat sandals and green and blue J. Crew necklaces. And sunglasses on my head, since it was Hawaiian day, obvi.

My awesome coworker happened upon that gorgeous little vintage broach and gave it to me that day. (An “L” for Elle, get it?) It went perfectly on my necklaces! I think I have a new favorite piece that I’m going to wear a million different ways.

What would your Hawaiian interpretation have been?


My Summer DIY Mission


What you see pictured above is this adorbs little Missoni ribbon necklace that I almost bought in Loehmann’s. When faced with a table full of jewelry, my eye naturally pulls to the most expensive item, without fail (even when prices aren’t showing– it’s a gift and a curse). So I snatched up this cute little ribbon and sequin necklace figuring it would be a sure thing.

Thennnnn I saw the tag. $129 (let’s not even get into the ridiculousness of the regular price) for a ribbon with a few sequins hanging off of it. I get it. It’s Missoni. It is still robbery to charge hundreds of dollars for something that cost pennies to make and is not immediately recognizable as Missoni. No deal. Down it went back on Loehmann’s table of baubles.

And then a brainstorm occurred. As I pondered this item I thought, “I could totally make this.” And then, “I should totally make this. And other jewelry stuffs.” And my summer mission was born. This is the summer of jewelry making (and utilizing some of what I learned in the four years I spent in art school). Now that I put my plans into writing on the world wide web, I’ll have to follow through.

My goals are threefold:
— first fold is to make enough jewelry to wear.
— second fold is to make enough jewelry to sell at a flea market or craft fair.
— third fold is to make enough jewelry to open an etsy shop.

And through it all, I’ll be sharing my fab DIY’s and horrible failures (which I’m sure will occur) with you.