Olympic Hair Inspiration


What can I say? I love the Olympics and am so sad that they’re over. In lieu of my usual topknot, I’ve been wearing a ponytail (sans scrunchie) a la the Women’s Gymnastics Team. And on occasion, a high braided pony, a la Misty May Treanor and Kerry Walsh.

Are you as sad as I am that the Olympics are over?


I want a houseboat…

… so I can have a reason to dress nautically all year round. That, and so I can pretend to be even half as cool as Dylan McKay.


I’m wearing those Target sandals to death this summer. I can’t help it; they are ridiculously comfortable and match with almost everything I own.

My mission over the next two few weeks is to perfect this hairstyle:


See that messy parted section on the right? That section is my current nemesis. This would be so much easier if I could twist my arms on backward and have an elaborate mirror setup. I will find a way.


Finding Your Roots…

I’m been trying desperately for at least two years now to color my processed hair to perfectly match my roots so that I can stop coloring it altogether. The problem with this is that the colored portion always morphs into a shade that is both much lighter and much redder than my roots. Thus starting the vicious cycle of having to color the roots to match the rest.

I’ve found the solution and it lies in this box.

This glaze has been magically blending my roots into the rest of my hair beautifully. I use it every other shampoo, and while my ends are still not the same exact color as my roots, there is no visible line of demarcation. Root to end blend seamlessly (and have a bit of an ombré look, which I don’t mind because it happens to be in at the mo). It’s easily been at least six months since I’ve colored my hair and I have no plans to use anything other than this glaze in the near and distant future.

See? No roots!

Thank you, John Freida, for saving my hair!


PS, Wash your hands with shampoo immediately after applying to avoid brown palms.

Headband Curls

Headband curls are by far my favorite no heat curling method. It is the simplest method I’ve found for overnight waves and also yields (what I consider) the best results. (Read about my hair personality issues here.)

There are so many great headband curl tutorials out there that I’m not going to flood the Internet with another. Check out this one and then read my helpful hints below.

Start with hair that is only slightly damp (via washing or via spritzing with water.) If it is wet (or even very damp) it will never dry. Even with only slightly damp hair, make sure you allow about seven to eight hours for hair to dry fully around the headband/s.

You can technically use any elasticized headband but I prefer the ugly thick cottony ones, like the one on the left below. They are comfy to sleep in and don’t leave a weird dent in your hair. The skinnier type on the right works too, I just don’t like them as much. I cover the whole thing with a slumber cap I picked up at my local beauty supply store. I won’t lie, it is a terrible look, but it keeps the hair in place as you sleep.


I’ve found that using one headband yields flipped ends, like this:


While using two, one above the other, like so: (Note that I do wrap my hair rather loosely around the headbands.)


…yields beachier waves, like this: (please disregard my bare face. I needed a break from makeup)

FYI, this is less wavy than usual, due to my hair reacting to both the ridiculously high level of humidity in the air and the deep conditioning I did the night before.

Both looks are great. Experiment and see what works for you!


PS, I’m really proud of myself for posting a makeupless photo of myself for all of the Internet to see.