Style Me Chic Monday: Pinspiration


Happy Monday! Last week I was inspired by the pin you see above. The leopard, the bright pop of the blue blazer, the solid tights offsetting everything else; I loved it all. And I had similar components in my closet to make it all work (for me, what I had, and my casual Friday at work). Are you guys utilizing Pinterest to inspire your outfits too?


A Self-Loathing Filled Love Letter To Pinterest

Oh my dearest Pinterest,

How I love you and your virtual inspiration boards madly. We’ve had a good thing going, you and I. You present the fabulous photos and links chock full of ideas, DIY goodies, recipes, and looks and I pin, pin, pin away, squirreling those ideas onto my boards. Swoon. It was love from the very start.

The thing we have to discuss, is how there are SO many Pins, Pinterest. A girl can only do so much with an already full schedule. Your wine cork crafts taunt me. Are you saying I don’t drink enough? Is it that I am not green enough for you? Do you really need me to turn my old corks into a snazzy wreath? Pinterest, you’ve just been making me feel a little inadequate lately. Who are these other women you’re seeing and are they really making their own liquid soap and baking carb free rolls? How do they find the time? Don’t they have jobs? Families? Are they Amish? If they are, what are they doing putzing around the internet anyway? And what is wrong with me that I have no desire to make my own soap? Am I a failure? A disgrace to the women of my generation?

When all is said and done, Pinterest, I just love you enough that I’ll continue to take your abuse anyway. Go ahead, bring it on. I bet you’re about to point out that my friends are making their own duvets, tending urban chicken coops, and blowing glass to make lightbulbs that can turn into planters.

I’ll continue to love you, Pinterest, even though you make me hate myself a little bit more every day. At least you’ll throw an inspirational quote or two my way to make up for the mental beat downs you inflict upon me.