Elle’s 2013 Oscars Red Carpet Roundup

Let’s jump right in, shall we?


How flawless are all of the ladies above?

Anne Hathaway may be the only startlet who can pull off nipples as an accessory and still look completely pulled together and amazing. I wish her hair was a little more slicked and less Dorothy Hamill though.

Giorgio Armani and Naomi Watts pulled off a feat of almost impossible dressmaking engineering here. The cut of this dress makes the possibility of armpit fat, cleavage, and any errant squishy bits gone awry very real, but there are none in sight! The fit is impeccable. Naomi’s choice for super simple hair and jewelry suits the dress beautifully as well.

Amanda Seyfried has been gorgeous in white this season, and this gown is no exception. Just the right amount of sparkle, and somehow (even with the train) this dress does not come across as “bridal” at all. Hair, makeup, and jewelry are all perfection. I think this is my favorite look of the night.

Sandra Bullock’s Elie Saab has enough detail and sparkle to make black seem fresh and new. The straight hair really lets the dress shine. Love. (Don’t love the clutch though. Doesn’t seem to match or contrast with the dress at all.)

The amazingly detailed spiderweb beading on Jessica Chastain’s gown elevates the flesh toned Armani to angelic proportions. Ms Chastain has made questionable choices this award season, but this time she got it right, down to the pop of color on her lips.

JHud is a sparking vision in Cavalli. Everything about her look is just right.

There weren’t any looks that I outright hated, but there were a few I strongly disliked. Here they are.

While I’m sure that Helen Hunt’s dress is supposed to look like that, I really hate it. She looks like a wrinkled mess. I want to rip it off of her, steam it and then give it back. I also don’t think the fit is great.

As far as I’m concerned, Nicole Kidman and Salma Hayek look a little too much like mafia wives at the don’s daughter’s wedding. The hair, the gowns, all of it. Ick. I’m not loving either of their looks.

What were your favorite looks? Same as mine? Or do you think I missed the mark? Lemme know!


Gold, gold, gold!

Leggings: Old Navy; Cardi: J. Crew; Top and Ring: H&M; Shoes: Sam Edelman; Watch: Target; Blue Gemstone Necklace: Bauble Bar; Multi Colored Necklace (doubled): SO old

If you haven’t noticed by now, my daily uniform (of sorts) is pretty much leggings, a cardi, and flats. Then I pile some accessories on top. The day I wore this was sad and grey out, so I really needed to bring my own warmth and sparkle to the day. Enter a giant flowy golden top (which I would never normally wear with a cardi, but I loved it once I tried it!) and layers of gold everywhere. On my shoes, my wrists, my neck, EVERYWHERE!

(Note the perfect braided bun. I finally figured out the trick to this not looking like a mess and I’ll be sharing it with you next week!)

Hope you’re all having a great week (and staying warm if you live where I do)!


Elle’s Grammy 2013 Best Dressed!

This best dressed post is going to be a bit different from my usual red carpet roundups because of CBS’ batshoot crazy dress code this year. No side boob? No underboob? No fleshy bits? No nip slips? What the what, CBS? This isn’t the Oscars or Golden Globes when we all tune in to see our favorite stars dressed to the nines in high glamour! This is the Grammys! Home of rock and roll and shocking outfits! Such a disappointing move, CBS.

In light of the new dress code, the four ladies pictured above earn my vote for best dressed.

JLo’s leg. Nice working around the rules, Jennifer.

Katy Perry’s cleave. Don’t you let anyone tell you to hide your fleshy bits, Katy! They’re spectacular!

Kelly Rowland’s mass of sheerness which could have shifted at any moment. Live on the edge, Kelly! Destiny’s Child forever!

Alicia Keys’ performance dress which showcased the elusive Grammy underboob. (Also, how amazing was that performance? Drums? Adam Levine? Love!)

These ladies all straddled the line of what CBS considered appropriate and looked great doing it.

What were your favorite looks?


Super Bowl Style!

As far as I’m concerned, Beyonce was the real winner of the Super Bowl. Football isn’t really my thing. I was surrounded by Ravens’ fans on Sunday though, so I rocked their team colors in support (and because I love a theme)!

Tank: American Apparel | Cardi: DKNY Cozy | Necklaces: Bauble Bar

I’ve got purple, I’ve got loads of gold I piled on, I’ve got black, I’ve got white. I might as well be a Baltimore Raven. Seriously, I went all out.


Hope you guys all had a great Super Bowl weekend!


PS, Did you guys notice something off about the photo above? Pssst… I forgot to remove something!!! Whoopsie!


Dress or Pants? Um…BOTH!

I know that dresses over pants are kind of a thing but I can’t get 100% behind it just yet (maybe because I get flashbacks of hippies I went to art school with who took this look to a whole other level). I modified the look here by layering my dress over leggings, and tying everything together with my favorite striped cardi.

Cardi: J. Crew; Dress: Cynthia Rowley; Loafers: Rampage; Bracelet: Bauble Bar; Ring: H&M; Necklace: Grandma’s.

I feel like this didn’t photograph very well. The skirt looks stiffer than it actually was and the the stripes aren’t quite lining up right in the photo. But trust me, it was super cute. Silver loafers provided a pop of bright metallic, so I kept the rest of my jewelry very simple and gold.

Are you guys into the dresses over pants trend?


Inaugural First Lady Fashion Recap!

Oh, America. The thing I love most about you is the ability to put politics aside and agree on this one thing: that Michelle Obama is certainly the most stylish and pulled together First Lady to grace the White House since 1963.

In case US history isn’t your thing, I’m referring to the previous century’s trend setting FLOTUS, Jacqueline Kennedy.


Let’s recap our FLOTUS’ (or Michelle, as I call her because we’re cool like that) Inaugural outfits, one by one, shall we?

At the official swearing-in at the Oval Office on Sunday, Michelle wore a custom made royal blue dress and cardi by Reed Krakoff and debuted some cute new fringe (which has become the talk of the nation). Malia and Sasha both also look adorable and age appropriate.


Later that day, Michelle rocked this super cute Alexander McQueen. I love this so much that words cannot even express the depth of emotion I feel for this outfit. The top, the perfect pants, the belt. Lord, I have no words. I covet all of it.

(Side note: the FLOTUS wore this same top with a different belt at Oxford University in 2011. I would like to publicly thank both Mrs. Obama and Duchess Kate for rewearing your favorite clothes!)

And Malia and Sasha again look fabulous. Stylish moms breed stylish daughters. Fact. (I would know.)

At Sunday’s Inaugural Reception, Michelle kept things simple and chic with a Michael Kors sequined dress that she originally wore back in 2009. And it appears as if our fair FLOTUS loves an arm party just as much as we do!


Now fast forward to Monday. MO is in a custom made Thom Browne coat which was inspired by one of Mr. Browne’s men’s neckties. She paired the coat with a Cathy Waterman necklace and J. Crew pumps as seen below with her daughters in gorgeous coats as well. (Sasha’s coat is by Kate Spade and Malia’s is J. Crew).


Come outdoor ceremony and parade time Michelle swapped out her heels for some fab Reed Krakoff boots, slipped on a pair of brightly colored J. Crew gloves (which offset the navy coat perfectly), and belted her coat (belt by J. Crew). If belts over coats weren’t so impractical I would wear something similar to this every day of winter.


I sat on the edge of my seat waiting to see who the First Lady would choose to wear to the Inaugural Balls. Flashback to 2009 for Jason Wu! I love that Michelle chose to do a bright red chiffon gown with velvet details. It fell beautifully on her. Her shoes (which I couldn’t get a good look at) were Jimmy Choo. The FLOTUS accessorized with a custom made ring by Kimberly McDonald and another arm party! (I’m giving you two images of this so you can see the details on the dress.)



That was an exhilarating fashion inauguration, wasn’t it guys? I have no gripes, other than that a teeny part of me wishes the First Lady choose a new designer for her ball gown. But that’s just a teeny tiny part. The rest of me is jumping up and down screaming in excitement about the pretty red gown.


What’s In M’s Bag?


Gym Bag Edition

….because to be honest, I am way too anal retentive to carry around all that clutter celebrities do in my actual purse. So, gym bag it is.

I am a sweater and not in the cozy, warm, cashmere sense. When I make the time and effort to go to the gym, I go hard. So, I am a sweater. Big time. A shiny, stinky, vibrant red sweater at that. I am not a gym-before-work person, or gym-before-anything person for that matter. Why? Because I dont want people to think I lack basic hygiene skills.

However, I do like to polish off errands and the like post-workout. So, my bag revolves around making myself feel and look slightly human again.

Here are my amazing de-icking gym essentials:

1. Lululemon Headbands
Seriously though these things are made of unicorn tears or something similar. They go into my hair dry, they come off soaked, hair stays dry. Magic. Oh, and pretty colors.

2. Dry Shampoo and Baby Powder
Description unnecessary and travel sizes are a must. Thank you, talcum gods.

3. Say Yes to Cucumbers Towelettes
These are phenoms. They clean your face, smell good, and make you feel zen. Amazing. And reasonably priced at Target.

4. Travel Size Hairspray
…because sweaty hair lacks volume. Duh.

5. Sunnies (in my case, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Big heart)
No one wants to be the girl that wears mascara while running. Seriously, don’t be her. Throw on the big glasses after your run and you wont need to worry about your unmade eyes.

6. Stylish Accessories
Note how fun and un athletic looking my things are for the gym. I am a girl and I remain one even though I can run a few miles. Being in shape does not mean you cant tote your stuff in masculine crap. My vibrant gym bag was a steal at Old Navy and the smaller cosmetic cases are from H &M and Forevz. Oh, and I love my funky, bright, Saucony sneaks.

7. Bkr Water Bottle
Love the earth. Love your body. Carry this chic bottle.


Sequin Geek Chic


Ahh.. Just your everyday New Year’s Eve dilemma–to sequin or not to sequin??

New Year’s Eve is by far the sparkliest holiday of the year, and I was super stoked when I found this tres chic Calvin Klein black sequinned sheath for 23 dollars in late December (side note, not to gloat, but isn’t that the most awesome bargain?!). But, alas, two major problems interferred with my glorious bedazzled outfit:

1: Sequins hurt. Holy moley, my inner arms are on fire, Batman!

2: My plans were dinner with the bf. An eight o clock ressie at a casual restaurant doesnt exactly scream sequin and sparkles. I am all about overdressing, but this would have been ridiculous.

Determined to go into 2013 in style, I compromised by geek chic-ing up my super fancy dress. Add one whimsically patterned sweater (several seasons old and no more than twenty bucks), black tights, and my go to knee high boots, and suddenly my cocktail party attire had a casual dinner feel. I added a stretchy black belt over the whole thing to tie it together and pulled my hair up in a high bun. I loved the way it looked and I felt extra fancy without looking out of place. Not to mention the sweater protected my arms from a bloody sequin massacre. Win, win, win!


Clothes: Dress, Calvin Klein via TJ Maxx; Sweater, Forever 21; Boots, Steve Madden; Tights, Target; Blingy J. Crew Inspired Bracelet, Groop Dealz; Belt, Old

Elle’s Golden Globes 2013 Red Carpet Roundup!

How great were this year’s Golden Globes? So full of entertainment and none of last year’s awkwardness. And the dresses… Oh my, the dresses. Lets get right into it, shall we?

White, white, and more white seems to be the color of the moment. All of the white (and varying pale neutral) gowns were very refreshing and not at all bridal looking. I’m hoping this trend is here to stay. These were my favorite white dresses of the evening:


The ladies in my favorite black gowns of the Globes all had a great head to toe look, in my opinion. To me, the best black dresses have something special about them (whether it’s some type of embellishment or a unique shape), and these all fit the bill.


The girls who chose to do color seemed to really have fun with their look. Rosario Dawson proves in the pic below that a smile really is the best accessory. I am also thrilled that Taylor Swift is dressing like a grownup.


Now, here’s the fun part! My best and worst dressed lists! (I feel like Mr Blackwell. I hope the power doesn’t go to my head.) I chose my best from each of the color categories I laid out.

Best Dressed!

20130114-014227.jpg Kate Hudson is perfection in that McQueen. It’s just dripping off of her and the gold embellishments are just enough. Carla Gugino’s entire look is beautiful but take a close look at that gown. It’s a work of art. It is amazing that somehow Francesca Eastwood’s elaborate white lace gown with a train is so perfect and nothing like a bridal gown even though on paper it is. And Emily Blunt is perfection from head to toe. Brava, ladies!

Now, for the uncomfortable business of naming my worst dressed.

20130114-014837.jpg Jodie Foster, there is a way to wear head to toe sparkle (see Sofia Vergara above) and this is not it. Eva, Eva, Eva… Did you learn nothing from Angelina Jolie’s leg? Lena Dunham just looked wildly uncomfortable all night. If you can’t sit/stand/move comfortably in something, please don’t wear it. Mayim Bialik somehow managed the impossible feat of making an intricately beaded gown look just like a paper sack dress. And Guiliana, you disappoint me the most because I know that you know better. That dress looks like a very fancy neck brace.

And a big major fist pump/shout out/go girl to Amy Poehler and Tina Fey who proved that women can be smart, funny, AND pretty all at the same time.


What were your thoughts on Golden Globes fashion?


Psst… I wrote this post prior to watching any fashion recaps or reading any online so my opinions wouldn’t be skewed. I take my responsibilities to you guys seriously.