Sometimes there are blizzards named after cartoon fish…

…on the East Coast and I get bored after shoveling for hours. So I download silly apps. And I make M do the same because she is bored too. Then (thanks to group messaging) we rope Nikki into our pass the time fun even though she’s where the sun always shines.

Then suddenly there is a collage with cartoon versions of us.


Download I Made Face immediately. You’ll hate me for making you waste so much time and for that I apologize.


High Five For Friday!

It’s Friday, so I’m linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk to share my favorite things this week. Here they are in no particular order.

I. This ridiculous conversation with Nikki about a guy we made up named Carl that went on for way too long. Poor Carl.

II. This guy found a way to beat the “catnip under the scratching thing” system by using a combination of intelligence and brute strength (maybe also drug seeking tendencies) to remove the scratching thing completely and roll around in catnip.

III. My first Five Guys Burgers and Fries experience. My grilled veggie sandwich was so good and did not require any special ordering on my part. Win.

IV. A day workshopping with one of my favorite composers. Can I quit real life now and sing full time? I’m over everything other than music.

V. Walking into my bathroom after work one day and finding two tubes of my favorite toothpaste just sitting there. It’s the small things that make me shriek with joy.

What were your favorite things this week?


You’re Not Taking My Snooze Away From Me, Dr Oz!


Last week Dr Oz told me that I’m not supposed to hit the snooze because it will make me more tired. (Didn’t you know that Dr Oz is totally my primary care physician? Him and Dr Google, that is.) Apparently I’m supposed to jump right out of bed and just start my day when the alarm rings.

But, the thing is… I love to snooze. Those extra nine or ten minutes make me happier than almost anything else in the world. And then the next nine or ten minutes after I hit the snooze again bring even more joy. This joy can return four, five, sometimes six times in a row. It’s heavenly.

Moral of the story here? I’m willing to do almost anything Dr Oz says except giving up my beautiful happiness inducing snooze button. That’s just some crazy talk. I’m so attached to my snooze button that I purposely set my alarm for an hour earlier than I have to wake up. It’s a problem.

Elle (who snoozed for an hour by the time you read this)

My Current Obsession/I May Have A Problem


Guys, seriously… It’s becoming a problem how obsessed I am with Les Miserables. I’ve seen the musical on broadway four times, so one may argue that I already had a problem prior to the movie. I disagree. Those four times were over twenty years. Whereas, I did see the movie twice within 36 hours. See what I mean? Prob. Lem.

I spend down time reading articles and watching interviews. And, then there’s this….


…on repeat. Pretty much every morning as I get dressed. Some nights before dinner too. I’m almost at a point where I feel my soul is tortured just out of deranged sympathy for Fantine.

What I’m getting at is, if any of you want a pal for a Les Mis chat or impromptu singalong, I’m your girl.


P.S. If you haven’t seen the movie, go. Now. You’re welcome.
P.P.S. Bring tissues.
P.P.P.S. Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman both deserve Oscars, in my opinion.

High Five For Friday!


It’s High Five For Friday time! It’s been a great week so far. Here are my favorite parts, in no particular order:

1. The beach. ‘Nuff said.

2. This photo that popped up in my newsfeed. Hysterical. Google translate it and you’ll see why. (And according to my grandmother’s rules–which once again are the only ones that count–doesn’t count as cursing since we are in America).

3. This series of text messages I sent. I crack myself up.

4. These awesome recycled bracelets that M snagged for me. She’s the best.

5. The beach. Yes, again.


High Five For Friday!


It’s Friday, and you know what that means… High Five For Friday! My five favorite things this week, in no particular order:

1. These guys getting along for once. Granted, this groomfest occurred approximately 27 seconds prior to an all out brawl, but still…

2. An impromptu pre-work trip to Sweden (aka IKEA). Delicious lunch plus low priced housewares equals a happy Elle.

3. The fact that I had to put these ridiculous notes up in my breakroom at work is not the fave here. Rather, the fave is the fact that by the time I had gotten home and thought, “Oh crap, I forgot to take a pic of the ridiculous notes I had to put up at work,” my friend A had already taken said pics and posted them on Instagram. Scary how so much time together makes us think alike.

4. Ray Ban, for not only making fabulous products, but also for this ad which is part of their “Never Hide” campaign. Take that, Chick Fil A!

5. My new cheap jewels. Ring from H&M, bracelet from Forever 21; combined price of less than $15. Love.

Hope your week was great!


An Open Letter to Ebay

Dear Ebay,

I was supposed to become a millionaire this weekend.

Remember me? I am the one with the two pairs of “new with tags” jeans. I left them with you yesterday.

It was supposed to be a cathartic experience. The 7s have been silently mocking me from my closet when I realized all super extra clearance Dojo cuts are not created equal. The Lucky Brands kept making snide remarks about my posterior when I put them on. You may call it “listing” but I would like to think it was an emotional release. I was standing up for my feminist spirit. These jeans will not own me! I will no longer be a slave to sizes and price tags and flat butts!

As of today, only one person has viewed each pair of pants. That one person was me.

Now, my jeans are mocking me for more reasons than their awful fit. You did this to me, ebay! You–with your easy to use iPad app and empty promises of grandeur.

I loathe you, ebay!


PS– this has nothing to do with my buyers account. I am still all over the iPhone case and the necklace. Love ya!


High Five For Friday!


My favorite things and events of the week, in no particular order:

1. My most recent ridiculous arm parties, one of which I wore to a really fun barbecue with a bunch of old friends.

2. A great day of shopping at my all time favorite Nordstrom Rack with great people and this delicious salad for lunch. There were grains and olives and cippolini onions and all sorts of other good things in there. I will be recreating this at home.

3. Not dying in a hailstorm/flood (seriously, I saw cars on the other side of the highway floating! Like rafts! Or inner tubes!) on my way to M’s place for a crafting night! We watched half a season of Girls, ate ice cream, and made these adorbs bracelets. We will def be having a repeat.

4. My first Korean dining experience! See my stone pot? So delicious and what a crazy night. Strangers at the next table became our friends and even went to a bakery down the block to get a birthday cake for me and my friend C. Weird and a little creepy? Yes. Delicious and a great story? Also yes.

5. My new VIB exclusive LancĂ´me Hypnose Star Show Stopping Mascara. First of all, I’m a sucker for anything exclusive, so the fact that this mascara was available to Sephora VIB’s a month before it is available to the public was the first thing that sucked me in. The next was the promise of a “diamond finish for a shimmery effect.” To be honest, it doesn’t look all too shimmery to me, but it is an incredible mascara. Two thumbs up.

Hope you all had a great week!