The Writers Behind the Stuff

One Mind, Two Coasts is the brainchild of three women who grew up together and are now thousands of miles apart. Two of us have remained in the bustling New York City Metropolitan Area, while the third now resides in sunny Orange County, California. We three are vastly different women with common interests that we can’t wait to share with you. Read a bit more about each of us below.

Elle is 1/3 of the mind behind the musings and 1/2 of the East Coast writers here at One Mind Two Coasts. She has a passion for music, fashion, healthy cooking, and all things beauty related. Elle loves to think about, talk about, plan, and pin DIY projects that she will never complete. She will never admit her age but will give you the following clues: The Smurfs, New Kids On The Block, and Alanis Morissette defined significant time periods in Elle’s life. She can’t wait to share her thoughts with you and hopes to hear lots from you guys in return!

M hates mashed potatoes and has a really hard time turning down a good sale. Professionally, she molds the hearts and minds of the future generations. In her downtime, she enjoys sipping iced coffee, professing love to her iPad, and aggressively dominating clearance clothing racks. M likes to pretend she really enjoys running, but secretly she loathes every painfully boring minute of it. And just so everyone’s clear, she was N’SYNC all the way. Don’t even get her started on those BSB fans.

Nikki is the other coast of the “Two Coasts”. Married for several years with a 2 year old son, she remains all dark and twisty as to stay true to her East Coast roots. Laughing is her favorite thing to do and will do so at anyone’s expense…mostly, her own. She loves watching people fall, situational comedies, the Yankees, and food. Nikki spends her free time finding inappropriate innuendos in children’s programming (Clara Bell needs help with her muffin tossing?? Really Mickey Mouse??) and can recite the lyrics to every 90’s song ever written. It’s a gift.

We love to hear from you so please feel free to contact us by commenting on any of our posts or by emailing us at

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