High Five For Friday!


My five favorite things this week, in no particular order….

1. Nights at home, doing experimental manicures, researching makeup looks, and listening to fab old music…


2. Wilson Phillips’ new album Dedicated. LOVE. It’s all their parents’ songs. Doesn’t get better.


3. Coworkers who bring me delicious South American pastries.


4. Making music. Doing it well and being proud of the result. Call it a singers’ high.


5. An amazing meal of grilled baby octopus salad, followed by a divine bouillabaisse, all wrapped up in a fab Cabernet. The meal and the company were both so good I didn’t even think to photograph it. So instead here’s a photo of the shoes I wore whilst eating the delicious meal with the fabulous people.


That’s it for my week! What was your favorite part?



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