You’re Not Taking My Snooze Away From Me, Dr Oz!


Last week Dr Oz told me that I’m not supposed to hit the snooze because it will make me more tired. (Didn’t you know that Dr Oz is totally my primary care physician? Him and Dr Google, that is.) Apparently I’m supposed to jump right out of bed and just start my day when the alarm rings.

But, the thing is… I love to snooze. Those extra nine or ten minutes make me happier than almost anything else in the world. And then the next nine or ten minutes after I hit the snooze again bring even more joy. This joy can return four, five, sometimes six times in a row. It’s heavenly.

Moral of the story here? I’m willing to do almost anything Dr Oz says except giving up my beautiful happiness inducing snooze button. That’s just some crazy talk. I’m so attached to my snooze button that I purposely set my alarm for an hour earlier than I have to wake up. It’s a problem.

Elle (who snoozed for an hour by the time you read this)