Let’s talk sunglasses…

Let’s chat about sunglasses for a bit… If you ever leave your house during daylight hours, you need them. They protect your precious eyes and vision, and save you from squinting (aka, not causing crow’s feet).

I love any type of accessories and love to switch them up to match my outfits or my mood. I feel that everyone should have at least two pair of sunglasses (especially if, like me, you switch back and forth between glasses and contacts; some of mine are prescription, some are not). You need one classic style that you can dress up or down and wear with everything. Those are your classic aviators or bold plastic frames. They’re equally appropriate at a wedding/funeral or with jeans at the park. Then (depending on your taste) you need a pair that is funkier or bolder or sportier.

Here is my collection of sun with brands and descriptors listed for you. What is in your collection?



I totally forgot to pop a pic of these in the collage above. They’re Prada and totally mod. I’m obsessed with them.



I want a houseboat…

… so I can have a reason to dress nautically all year round. That, and so I can pretend to be even half as cool as Dylan McKay.


I’m wearing those Target sandals to death this summer. I can’t help it; they are ridiculously comfortable and match with almost everything I own.

My mission over the next two few weeks is to perfect this hairstyle:


See that messy parted section on the right? That section is my current nemesis. This would be so much easier if I could twist my arms on backward and have an elaborate mirror setup. I will find a way.


Style Me Chic Monday: Pinspiration


Happy Monday! Last week I was inspired by the pin you see above. The leopard, the bright pop of the blue blazer, the solid tights offsetting everything else; I loved it all. And I had similar components in my closet to make it all work (for me, what I had, and my casual Friday at work). Are you guys utilizing Pinterest to inspire your outfits too?


Hawaiian … Pastels???


Hello my lovelies!

I found out one day last week that we were having a Hawaiian themed day at work for casual Friday. There are not many trends or looks that I rule out, but I draw the line at Hawaiian shirts or coconut bras. No and no. Instead of the company suggested Don Ho-like button downs (who comes up with these things?), I opted for a more subtle sheer pastel floral top that had been hanging out in my closet with tags on it for months. I accessories with some simple flat sandals and green and blue J. Crew necklaces. And sunglasses on my head, since it was Hawaiian day, obvi.

My awesome coworker happened upon that gorgeous little vintage broach and gave it to me that day. (An “L” for Elle, get it?) It went perfectly on my necklaces! I think I have a new favorite piece that I’m going to wear a million different ways.

What would your Hawaiian interpretation have been?


Oh shoe-t!: A Photo Journey of My Troubles

I would like to think that teachers are known for their cutting edge fashion sense and trend setting style. But, they’re not. You think of teacher clothes, and you think of blase front pleat pants, oversized vests, and tacky decorative pins. Oh, and the shoes. Don’t forget about the comfortable shoes! Its not really my speed. I would like to think I break the teacher dress mold.

….except for the shoes. Oops! My feet hurt at the end of the day. They kill. The comfy shoe clad teachers of the world are on to something. This is where fashiony M and practical M collide. I want to be fun and fresh. And funky. But I want to be able to walk without crying. The issues!

So I have decided to photo document my shoe journey:


These are a personal favorite summer shoe of mind (Lucky Brand Hacienda Wedge)They’re tall and pretty and comfy…. for dinner. Not for any activity that requires standing, walking, or doing things on your feet. I would like to think I can wear shoes like this with my super cute outfits to work….. but I can’t. Because it would hurt. And I may end up crushing a Kindergartener with them. Fail. Next!!


In a perfect world, I would wear these amazing shoes every day of my life. They would be stylish and chic and the world would not judge me. Sigh. Such a cruel world we live in.


But, the world is not so kind and my feet are not naturally encased in gel, so I resort to these Lucky Brand moccasins (weird that both example shoes are Lucky–the only two items I own of the brand, swearsies). They love my feet and my feet love them. They magically coordinate with all my casual cool work outfits and they are suuuper comfortable. So comfortable it almost makes me want to cry. But, notice the grime? They have seen better days. Big sniffle. And they aren’t sold anymore. I have practically (and by practically, I might mean actually) worn holes in to the bottom. We are past the point of casual cool and into the grunge look. I do not do grunge.


Which brings me to these puppies. Fine, they are probably not making a spread in Vogue any time soon, but they will do. They go along with my casual chic work emsembles and they (fingers crossed, breath held) will be just as comfy as my most beloved Lucky Brand moccasins. They’re pretty classic if I say so myself. Glamorous shoes they’re not but they’re not teacher chic either. Small win in my book. And, best of all, I got them at Marshalls for way less than this price: Minnetonka Kilty Suede Moccasin. After all, teacher budget.


Things That Are Awesome: bkr water bottles


You may think its odd to be obsessed with a water bottle, but that obviously means you don’t own a bkr bottle. Sleek and chic, bkr bottles are made of glass, so there are no scary chemicals silently leeching into your body while you’re sipping.

The bottles are encased in an amazingly durable, removable silicone sleeve that protects it from any bumps and bruises along the way. And trust me, the sleeve does its job. I have straight up dropped my bottle– off of bookshelves, onto a treadmill. I am clumsy and bkr has proven that its quite able to take a beating. And if it’s not, the bkr-ers will replace your bottle if under warranty. Pretty friendly.

Did I mention how bkrs save the earth? You won’t use a bajillion plastic bottles to hydrate. Al Gore is smiling from afar.

Most importantly, it’s pretty. Swoon. Swoon.

The only bummer? The price. It’s not cheap at 30 dollars, but the quality isn’t cheap either. And it’s worth your money. One Mind, Two Coasts gives bkr three giant thumbs up. Get yours here: mybkr.com.

Happy hydration!


Great Minds…


That’s me up on the left one day last week. On the right is my friend R (wearing pretty much the same thing) last night. A little creepy, no? This sort of thing happens to us so much now that no one is even phased.

So my question here is: do we naturally find friends who are like us? Or do we kind of just turn into our friends after a while? Or a combo deal?

And can we talk about how R’s phone cover matches her outfit perfectly? That biatch knows how to coordinate.


M’s High Five for Friday


Today is my first high five for Friday experience! Terribly exciting!

My favorite things for the week, in no particlar order:

1. The crafty,homemade bracelet I made out of lanyard and a chain using my own two hands! I felt terribly ingenious and its kind of cute too! More about this project in my next blog.

2. Chicago! I just returned from a weekend jaunt! Fabulous city. Kind of like New York, but nicer people and cleaner streets. Go, Chicago! Also, the hotel I stayed in made the front cover of the Times Travel section the week after I went. Hello, Trendsetter!

3. The gym. Actually, I dont really care for it too much and would much rather find an adult playground or play an actual sport. But, alas, I must. I went every day this week which is probably more than I have gone in the last calendar year. And I used kettlebells. Tricky little things but if Kelly Ripa can do it, I can too! Oh, summer!

4. Vacation. Notably, the slow, lazy kind, that involves novel reading and jaunts to Argo tea for delicious iced concotions. See above.

5. Lunching like a lady. During the school year, my lunch typically involves twenty minutes of silence, a string cheese, and homework folder stuffing quickly followed by 25 sweaty, screaming five year olds. As you can imagine, come summer time, I like to try to be a real person as often as possible. My last fancy lunch involved these ricotta stuffed zucchini flowers from Pranzo, the newest restaurant at Batali and Bastianich’s Eataly. Fancy schmancy!


Blue and White, Plus…


I go on color combo kicks from time to time. Lately, I’ve really been loving blue and white with a pop of yellow. I wore both of these outfits last week and may have even picked up a few more blue and white items today. Which I’ll probably wear with that same yellow necklace. It may be time for a color intervention.

By the by, I wore the same accessories (neon arm party, yellow J Crew like necklace, brown sandals, and newly purchased Prada sunglasses) with both outfits.

Do you guys consider wearing a similar color pallet several times in a row a rut? Or just a good run for those shades (like I do)?