What’s In M’s Bag?


Gym Bag Edition

….because to be honest, I am way too anal retentive to carry around all that clutter celebrities do in my actual purse. So, gym bag it is.

I am a sweater and not in the cozy, warm, cashmere sense. When I make the time and effort to go to the gym, I go hard. So, I am a sweater. Big time. A shiny, stinky, vibrant red sweater at that. I am not a gym-before-work person, or gym-before-anything person for that matter. Why? Because I dont want people to think I lack basic hygiene skills.

However, I do like to polish off errands and the like post-workout. So, my bag revolves around making myself feel and look slightly human again.

Here are my amazing de-icking gym essentials:

1. Lululemon Headbands
Seriously though these things are made of unicorn tears or something similar. They go into my hair dry, they come off soaked, hair stays dry. Magic. Oh, and pretty colors.

2. Dry Shampoo and Baby Powder
Description unnecessary and travel sizes are a must. Thank you, talcum gods.

3. Say Yes to Cucumbers Towelettes
These are phenoms. They clean your face, smell good, and make you feel zen. Amazing. And reasonably priced at Target.

4. Travel Size Hairspray
…because sweaty hair lacks volume. Duh.

5. Sunnies (in my case, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Big heart)
No one wants to be the girl that wears mascara while running. Seriously, don’t be her. Throw on the big glasses after your run and you wont need to worry about your unmade eyes.

6. Stylish Accessories
Note how fun and un athletic looking my things are for the gym. I am a girl and I remain one even though I can run a few miles. Being in shape does not mean you cant tote your stuff in masculine crap. My vibrant gym bag was a steal at Old Navy and the smaller cosmetic cases are from H &M and Forevz. Oh, and I love my funky, bright, Saucony sneaks.

7. Bkr Water Bottle
Love the earth. Love your body. Carry this chic bottle.


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