High Five For Friday!

It’s Friday, which means many things… The first of which is it’s time for a High Five For Friday post!

So here were my five favorite things this week in no particular order (or in actuality, going clockwise from the top left):

1. My Gatsby-trailer-inspired deco black and gold mani. (Are you all stoked to read the book again like I am?)

2. Finding Opera News magazine just waiting for me in my mailbox one day. I had thought Big Brother was watching and knew my interests, turns out it was actually an awesome gift from our West Coast branch. (Thanks, Nikki!)

3. Finally figuring out how to store my bangles and cuffs. Forever 21 has these glitter travel cosmetic cases right now that happen to be the perfect size!

4. Some gratis bubbly to toast my favorite ladies with, followed by an amazing meal. I’m going to bed right now dreaming about it.

5. I know people are sick of arm party photos by now, but I’m really happy with this combo. Parts of FOUR different sets, plus a cuff. Bangles for the win!

Hope you all had a great week like I did!



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