We’re Back! /slash/ What Elle’s Been Up To

I’ve missed you all and I’ve missed sharing my life with you! Here’s a brief summary of what I’ve been up to via cell phone pics, which I will caption accordingly for you.

20130107-233001.jpgI’ve worn these boots to death. Literally, they have died. (Feel free to send flowers or an edible arrangement.) I’m still in denial and mourning. If you know where I can get a pair just like them, holler at me in the comments!

20130107-233148.jpgThe day the lights came back on after Sandy. I’ve never felt more blessed than after this storm hit. As (relatively) unaffected as I was, people only a fifteen minute drive away have lost their homes and all their belongings. My heart breaks for them. Please send what you can to the Robin Hood Foundation to help victims.

20130107-233523.jpgI veganized Thanksgiving and it was delicious.

20130107-233608.jpgGold eyeliner. Obsessed. Love.

20130107-233639.jpgI’ve been making an earnest attempt to live by these rules.

20130107-233714.jpgI may have become an elf and turned my ceiling fan into a fun Christmas chandelier.

20130107-233757.jpgNo seriously. I’ve turned into an elf.

20130107-233838.jpgAnd Happy New Year!!!

Now that we’re caught up I’ll be back with actual content tomorrow!



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