High Five For Friday!


My favorite things and events of the week, in no particular order:

1. My most recent ridiculous arm parties, one of which I wore to a really fun barbecue with a bunch of old friends.

2. A great day of shopping at my all time favorite Nordstrom Rack with great people and this delicious salad for lunch. There were grains and olives and cippolini onions and all sorts of other good things in there. I will be recreating this at home.

3. Not dying in a hailstorm/flood (seriously, I saw cars on the other side of the highway floating! Like rafts! Or inner tubes!) on my way to M’s place for a crafting night! We watched half a season of Girls, ate ice cream, and made these adorbs bracelets. We will def be having a repeat.

4. My first Korean dining experience! See my stone pot? So delicious and what a crazy night. Strangers at the next table became our friends and even went to a bakery down the block to get a birthday cake for me and my friend C. Weird and a little creepy? Yes. Delicious and a great story? Also yes.

5. My new VIB exclusive Lancôme Hypnose Star Show Stopping Mascara. First of all, I’m a sucker for anything exclusive, so the fact that this mascara was available to Sephora VIB’s a month before it is available to the public was the first thing that sucked me in. The next was the promise of a “diamond finish for a shimmery effect.” To be honest, it doesn’t look all too shimmery to me, but it is an incredible mascara. Two thumbs up.

Hope you all had a great week!



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