Things That Are Awesome: bkr water bottles


You may think its odd to be obsessed with a water bottle, but that obviously means you don’t own a bkr bottle. Sleek and chic, bkr bottles are made of glass, so there are no scary chemicals silently leeching into your body while you’re sipping.

The bottles are encased in an amazingly durable, removable silicone sleeve that protects it from any bumps and bruises along the way. And trust me, the sleeve does its job. I have straight up dropped my bottle– off of bookshelves, onto a treadmill. I am clumsy and bkr has proven that its quite able to take a beating. And if it’s not, the bkr-ers will replace your bottle if under warranty. Pretty friendly.

Did I mention how bkrs save the earth? You won’t use a bajillion plastic bottles to hydrate. Al Gore is smiling from afar.

Most importantly, it’s pretty. Swoon. Swoon.

The only bummer? The price. It’s not cheap at 30 dollars, but the quality isn’t cheap either. And it’s worth your money. One Mind, Two Coasts gives bkr three giant thumbs up. Get yours here:

Happy hydration!



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