Whole Foods-esque Homemade Peanut Butter


I normally buy peanut and almond butter from Whole Foods since it is ground right in front of you and you know there is nothing in there but nuts. It occurred to me that since the nut butters I was buying were just ground up nuts, there is a fair chance I could make them myself. I was right, I could and holy deliciousness.

The very sophisticated recipe is below.

Dump peanuts in food processor (what you see above is honey roasted).

Press the on button.

Have peanut butter.

But seriously, first the peanuts will become powder-like, then they will almost form a ball, then you have pb. I like mine not totally smooth (or what I call Whole Foods’ consistency, because, well, that’s how you get it at WF) but you can totally keep processing to get pb that is smoother, creamier, and a little runnier.

This did not separate at all! And kept beautifully for a week at room temp. I’m sure it could keep longer than that, but there would have to be some left to find out.

Hope you all enjoy your all natural homemade pb! (Stay tuned for other varieties of nut butters soon!)



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