Summer Peacock (and How I Stage My Outfits)


A few notes about this outfit:

1. I LOVE this AA dress, but it is so short that it is downright indecent, hence the leggings.

2. I’ve decided to overdo the topknot this summer since it’s a cute look and so cool and comfy. Expect to see it a lot.

3. I’m not what you would call cheap (in fact, some may say I have a spending problem), but $150 for this necklace is RIDONK. I do not feel bad about picking up cheap copies from eBay.

Now, let’s chat about outfit prep for a mo, shall we? Before bedtime, I lay out an outfit like you see above. It makes mornings INFINITELY easier. I get to sleep for an extra 15 minutes, and don’t rip my closet apart frenetically trying to piece an outfit together before my coffee has had a chance to kick in. Everyone wins!

Do you guys prep the night before? Or do you fly by the seat of your outfit pants each morning?


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