Childhood Memories (Or “Do These Still Exist?”)


Alright, so I know that kids now have iPads, Leap Frogs, and other high tech stuff I don’t even know about because I’m single and have no children and spend all my time concerned with sample sales and glasses of Cabernet… But I’m just going to throw it out there that if I had a child, he or she would be playing with wooden blocks and paper dolls. I had so much fun with paper dolls as a child and I’m pretty sure that this is at least part of the reason why I have so much fun putting outfits together as an adult.

My children are going to grow up to be poor artists, aren’t they? At least they’ll have active imaginations.

Now, onto the. Best. Paper. Dolls. Ever. Made.


Did any of you guys have these? They had all of Princess Di’s best outfits, including her ginormous puff-sleeved wedding dress. The best part though? The last page had a cutout wedding tiara. That fit on a child’s head. I wore the crap out of that tiara.

Are any parents out there into retro toys like these or are you all high tech?



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