The Skinny Jean Dilemna


Do you love the horrible photo editing job I pulled above to hide the shopping bags and shoe boxes behind me? I thought you would. Now back to the matter at hand.

The last four times (yes, four times!) I’ve been out running errands I’ve wanted to get a pedi but couldn’t because I was wearing super skinny jeans. Have you worn skinny jeans to the nail salon before? I have and it always goes something like this:

Me: I’ll just roll these up. (bends over and grasps hem)
Nail tech: (slaps my hands) RELAX. I do for you.
Me: Ouch. Thank you.

Then the nail tech proceeds to spend the next five minutes wedging a half a yard of denim under my knees while I smile and pretend to relax every time she makes eye contact. After the pedi she has to tug the (now horribly wrinkled) denim back over my calves. Sounds like fun, right? You know you’ve been there too.

I’m thinking the solution here to the ridiculous non-problem I’m whining about is obvious: from now on, I’ll wear skirts to run errands.

You guys must have a little thing like this that bugs you too, right? What is it?



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