High Five For Friday!


My five favorite things this week, in no particular order, are:

1. This pizza. Oh. My. God. So good.

2. Becoming my almost manic self at work again. Order makes me happy.

3. This gold tipped mani. Love. The green is Essie Navigate Her.

4. The return of The Real Housewives of NY. It’s the little things, right?

5. My homemade cough syrup. Which is the only thing getting me through life right now. I’ll share the recipe next week.


4 thoughts on “High Five For Friday!

  1. Wondering about this homemade cough syrup! Youve got a new follower! Can’t wait for the recipe!

    @ busyasahoneybee.blogspot.com
    PS The pizza looks AHHHH-MAZING! (especially since i am limiting my carbs!

    • Thanks, Simone! I’ll definitely be posting that recipe later this week. And the pizza was SO good. Would be even healthier with a whole grain crust.

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