Elle’s All Natural Cold and Flu Remedy Routine

I’m a big proponent of naturally healing your body (when possible and within reason). To me, there is nothing more destructive to your body and our health as a society than running to the doctor for a Z-Pak every time you have a sniffle. The last time I took antibiotics was twice in 2008 for pneumonia. Since then I have been sick numerous times (tonsillitis, bronchitis, upper respiratory stuff, et cetera) and have always used the regimen I describe below to deal with it and speed up my body’s natural healing process. It works and there are almost no side effects. You can’t say that about antibiotics!


Water. TONS of water. You want to flush the infection out.

Olive Leaf Extract. It’s a natural antibiotic/antiviral. I take one dropperful in an ounce of water twice a day. Makes me a bit tired but knocks the sickness out of you fast!

Vitamin C, twice a day. As we all know, C totally boosts our immune systems. I try to get it via fruit (or juice) if possible, but if I’m sick and on the go I’ll take a pill or powder.

Vitamin B Complex (with Riboflavinoids). B vitamins have antiviral properties. Twice a day. It will make your pee a weird color. Don’t freak out.

Green tea. Full of antioxidants. You need them. Drink it.

Ginger tea. Homemade, not from a bag. Take a knob of ginger, peel it, slice it, boil in water till it’s spicy and looks like the photo above). Add lemon juice and honey. This is amazing for coughs and throat issues. Drink tons, hot or cold. (You can actually double up and throw a green tea bag in here.)

Singer’s Saving Grace Throat Spray. Tastes a little funky, but coats your throat and makes it feel amazing.

Slippery elm lozenges. Ditto what I said about the throat spray above, but in a lozenge.

Rest. And sleep. For as long as possible, whenever possible.

Chime’s Ginger Chews (Trader Joe’s has their own version too) are the best natural cough lozenge. Just suck on them. Don’t chew.
That’s it! Feel better!


PS, This entire post is my personal opinion. I have no medical training other than watching Discovery Health Channel and ER, and reading articles on WebMD and Wikipedia. While I feel that this gives me the equivalent of an MD, I am in no way qualified to give you any sort of medical advice.


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