High Five For Friday

I’m making an effort to be positive and see the good around me even when it is hard. Hence jumping back on the High Five For Friday bandwagon. Here are my favorite parts of the week that’s just ending. Photobucket

1. Seeing a fabulous production of La Traviata, followed by a day of leisurely walking around the city.

2. Brunch and a girlfriend vent session proceeding La Traviata. That eggplant hummus you see on the right there? So good it should be criminal.

3. More access to green ethically sourced bath products? Yes, please!

4. Picking up an actual dotting tool so I can polka dot all over my nails without getting carpal tunnel. This handy little kit came with a double ended tool plus a thin brush for designs. It was such an exciting find, I picked up an extra for a friend.

5. The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone. I am enjoying this book so much on Kindle that I ordered a hard copy. Expect a full review once I’ve received it and tried out some of the recipes.


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