Finding Your Roots…

I’m been trying desperately for at least two years now to color my processed hair to perfectly match my roots so that I can stop coloring it altogether. The problem with this is that the colored portion always morphs into a shade that is both much lighter and much redder than my roots. Thus starting the vicious cycle of having to color the roots to match the rest.

I’ve found the solution and it lies in this box.

This glaze has been magically blending my roots into the rest of my hair beautifully. I use it every other shampoo, and while my ends are still not the same exact color as my roots, there is no visible line of demarcation. Root to end blend seamlessly (and have a bit of an ombré look, which I don’t mind because it happens to be in at the mo). It’s easily been at least six months since I’ve colored my hair and I have no plans to use anything other than this glaze in the near and distant future.

See? No roots!

Thank you, John Freida, for saving my hair!


PS, Wash your hands with shampoo immediately after applying to avoid brown palms.


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