Ain’t No Sunshine..

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone the summer clothes hit stores.  Okay, not quite as catchy as the original tune, but you get the point.

Retail marketing has a sick sense of humor.  You step into any clothing store from March onwards and you have all the makings of a lovely summer outfit.  The only thing missing? The lovely weather.

I walk into a store, promptly purchase an exorbitant number of sun dresses, skirts, and flowy tops while Summer Loving is playing on repeat in my head.  I can already feel the sand in my toes, the sun on my shoulders, the warm breeze in my hair.  And then, I walk outside.  It is damp, cool, and not summer at all.  New purchases go in the back of my closet, where I will inevitably forget all about them and purchase another summer clothing surplus when the weather actually is warm enough to wear them.  And the vicious cycle repeats.

But it won’t this year.  I am fighting the Man. Yes, capital M.  Flowy tops, summer dresses, cropped pants, I am versatiling diversatiling (I give up!) making you useful on icky, early spring days when I would otherwise be sticking with my winter wardrobe choices.

Check it out! Cropped J. Crew cargo pants, flowy Forever 21 cross over top, cream J. Crew ballet flats, Gap seersucker headband (who has time for hair straightening when it keeps raining??).  All spring items, all worn in temps just shy of 60 degrees.  M-1, Man-0.

Oh, and ignore the green face thing.  My methods for securing anonymity are still working the kinks out.




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