It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

Had you asked me a year ago if I ever saw myself wearing Sperry Top Siders, I would’ve responded with an emphatic “no.” The birth of Sperry rainshoes has completely changed my tune. They’re totally cute and (unlike full on rain boots) unobtrusive. I like to wear mine with super bright colors. If the weatherman won’t provide me with sunshine, I’ll bring my own.

Skinny Jeans (they have to be skinny in the rain so the bottoms don’t get wet: The Avenue, Sweater: The Gap, Rainshoes: Sperry, Tote: HervĂ© Chapelier, Scarf: Francesca’s Collections.

This necklace is from NikiStar Accessories. It is made using real leaves, all of which have a different meaning. I obvi forgot what mine mean. Creativity and generosity, maybe? Eh, I have no clue.



Also, I hate umbrellas. Maybe because I’m short so I just wind up pissing people off when I knock them in the head with my umbrella. So whenever it rains, I wear a scarf that I can wrap around my head to protect me from the droplets. Form meets function.

What’s your bad weather uniform like?



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