Elle’s Favorite Places To Shop Part Two: Internet Edition

As promised, here are my favorite virtual stores to shop in, in no particular order.

Regular Websites:

eloquii.com – eloquii is The Limited’s plus sized brand. Only available online at the moment, but will be seen in some of The Limited’s test stores starting this summer and hopefully more stores shortly after that. I love, love, LOVE eloquii’s pants. Most styles have two fits available, Classic and Curvy, so tailoring doesn’t even have to enter the pants equation anymore. Also: skinny dress pants! Hallelujah! Sign up for their emails and you’ll always have a coupon to use.

oldnavy.com– I’m still annoyed that Old Navy pulled plus sizes out of their stores, so I don’t buy much from them. However, I will order leggings, pajamas, or other random things from them from time to time. They’re super cheap and the quality isn’t bad. They’d get a lot more business from me if I could walk into their stores to buy though.

americanapparel.net – Yes, they have real stores too, but they’re tiny and kind of few and far
between. In this case, I choose online shopping. Awesome basics and multitasking items. Tees and tanks that will last you forever. Pricey for these types of items but completely worth it because the quality is so much better than anywhere else. And you can feel good about your clothes being made in the U.S. by grown ups with a benefits package and decent working conditions. Your closet and your social conscience both approve.

Members Only Sites:

RueLaLa.com – Fab sample sale website with a wide range of brands from the already affordable (Havaianas and American Apparel) to the stuff you can only dream about (Hermes and trips to Bali).

HauteLook.com – Ditto above, without the super high end stuff. They also have decent beauty brands from time to time.

MyHabit.com – Great designer stuff at low prices. They always have plus size sales going. Owned by Amazon, so what’s not to like?

gilt.com – A bit pricier than other sites in the same category, and never a plus size in sight, but worth checking regularly for good quality accessories.

Those are all my regulars. Am I missing something great? Let me know!



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