In Memoriam

Today is a sad day.

A day when the wind blows cold, the sun never warms anyone’s back, and even the robin’s song can not be heard.

Today is the one year anniversary of broken dreams.

The commemoration of a day where a million young girls saw their hopes of a beautiful tomorrow disappear.

And Barbara Walters narrated the whole darn thing.

Yes, Katie and Wills have been married a whole year now.  It was a full year ago when we collectively saw how magical and fairy tale like a wedding could be and knew that our own celebration of love would never involve horse drawn chariots, bells tolling around the world, or a kiss upon a balcony overlooking an adoring, cheering crowd.

One full year since I last held my breath in hopes that I could someday be a crown princess with a dress train as long as Westminster Abbey’s center aisle.

I hang my head in sadness in remembrance of such an event.

Its okay, we will surely make it together.  Somehow, we can get through this.



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