High Five For Friday

Today Lauren of From My Grey Desk posted her five favorite things of the week today. I liked the idea, so I’m doing it too. (Btdubs, her blog is great. You should check it out. And then check out her sister Kate’s blog too. I have them both bookmarked, I enjoy them so much.)

My five faves of the week have been…

1. New furniture. Which has obviously already been claimed by non human cohabitants.


2. Limonata. And Aranciata. And anything by San Pellegrino, really. Oh, and the patent leopard Marc Jacobs behind the can is totally a fave too.


3. Carol’s Daughter’s Almond Cookie line. Can you say obsessed? Because that’s what I am with this stuff. My shower smells like a pignoli cookie and that makes me happier than you can ever imagine.


4. This Ginger Glazed Mahi Mahi recipe that I found on Pinterest. So freaking good. So good, in fact, that it was mostly gone by the time I realized I needed a pic. (This pic is c/o allrecipes.com.)


5. This last one is a triple fave (because in my bizarre mind) they all go together. Magazine subscriptions, coffee, and Instagram. Those equal happiness for people other than just me, right?


What have your favorite things been this week?



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