Magnetic and Sparkly, Oh My!

If you haven’t guessed, I like my nails a little busy and a lot crazy. I feel like if your nails are short, you can get away with this. If they’re long, then I find designs (or anything other than a solid neutral) to look a little tacky and “bridge and tunnel” like. Ick.

So this week I wanted to try out the magnetic nail polish that has been all over the place lately. I wasn’t about to spend $18 on a bottle I would only use twice, so in this case I skipped Sephora and picked up a cheapy brand at a drugstore. And then I added some sparkle to my ring fingers and the base of each nail. Because, well, I’m Elle, and I love to sparkle.

Here’s the final result. Scroll down for a few helpful hints.


Here are the products I used:

PS, I just discovered Seche Vitte topcoat and I am obsessed. How was I never aware that this stuff seals your mani forever? Love.

Here are the bottles again, with the magnet top separated from the bottle. FYI, do one nail at a time. You need to hover the magnet over your nail when the second coat is really wet. And hold your hand sideways when you do this, not laying flat on the table. It’s really hard to make sure the magnet isn’t touching your nail if you can’t see it. Hence the dot of polish you can see on the magnet below.


Are you guys as on board with wacky nails as I am?



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