Elle’s Ten Shopping Commandments


1. Know Thy Body. Knowing what looks best on your body shape saves you so much time shopping! Example: I’m 5’2″ and have super short legs. Skinny and straight legged pants make my legs look longer, while bootcuts and wide legs, make me look like I have two foot long tree stumps as my lower half. Knowing this makes shopping for pants much simpler. Knowledge about your body and what looks good on it is power where shopping is concerned.

2. Try On, Try On, Try On! A hanger is not a body. It means nothing if clothes look good on it. Try everything on. What looks like a lifeless rag on a hanger may be the most exquisite article of clothing once draped over your body!

3. Dress For Battle. I have a shopping uniform that makes try ons (both in and out of the dressing room) so simple: leggings, tank, cardi, shoulder or cross body bag (so you have both hands free), and flats, Uggs, or flip flops.

4. Shop Like It’s Your Job. Employers have to give you breaks, so make sure you give yourself one too. If you’re doing a full day of shopping, make sure you sit down in the middle of the day and have a nice lunch. A shorter shopping trip? Take a coffee break. Nothing ruins a shopping trip more than hunger and exhaustion based crankiness.

5. Have A Shopping Buddy. Ideally, she is a stylish friend who will tell you the truth about how things look on you. And you should be close enough that she won’t get insulted if you tell her something she tries on looks terrible.

6. Be Adventurous. You won’t know if a trend will look good until you try it. You may think that the current neon craze isn’t for you, but you won’t know until you try on that neon color block top, now will you? Don’t rule anything out!

7. Consider Your Closet. Think about what you have as you shop. Already own nine black cardigans? You don’t need another! Put it back! Own tons of black? Think about buying statement pieces in bright colors. Consider what you already own as you shop. You need not buy outfits, only pieces which will become outfits once introduced to your closet.

8. Consider Your Life. Do you have ten cocktail dresses in your closet and no weddings in sight? Get out of the formalwear department. Have a toddler who loves to grab things? Shop for statement bracelets instead of dangling earrings. Your wardrobe needs to match your life or it’ll only ever see the inside of your closet.

9. Think Outside The Box. Been dying for a menswear inspired button down tunic and just can’t find one? Go to the men’s department and try on an oversized shirt with a belt cinching the waist in. You’re a bigger girl shopping in a store that doesn’t sell plus sizes? Shop around, try stuff on. I bet you’ll find things you love that fit. Creative solutions, my lovelies!

10. Covet Thy Neighbor’s Style. Check out your friends’ and coworkers’ outfits. Ask them where they got anything they’re wearing that you love. Hone ideas from their looks. Women love to talk about what they’re wearing and inspire others to try a new look. Even complimenting a stranger will open up a convo about some great new shop she found or a brand she loves.

Happy Shopping!

Hugs and kisses,



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