Color Blocking, Pointy Flats, and Pain…

Today’s outfit is all about the color block, by way of a knit and chiffon cardi. I am a huge fan of blazers, cardigans, and layering in general. This is partly because it’s just a great look. But another big part of it is just practical. I never know if the air conditioning at work is going to be on too high or not at all.

Cardi: Design History, Tank: H&M, Leggings: Forever 21, Necklace: Subversive, Flats: Me Too (Not pictured: Small pearl earrings, gold oversized watch, and B. Makowsky bag featured in this post.)


Side note about these shoes: as I’m walking from the car into work this morning, I think to myself “Wow, self, these shoes are so awesome and cushy. I’m so glad I bought them.” Eight hours later I was ready to cut my feet off and drove home barefoot. Serious serious shoe breaking in pain. Fingers crossed to them being fully broken in for next time I wear them!

My wavy hair is courtesy of double headband curls. Expect a post all about them soon!



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