Albacore Tuna with Soy, Ginger, and Lemon

I love tuna in any form. Raw, cooked to any degree of doneness, as a tartare starter, in a salad. Just give it to me and I’ll eat it.

Today I made some Albacore tuna steaks in an incredibly unoriginal marinade. Unoriginal, but completely delicious. Here’s what it entailed.


Albacore Tuna in Soy, Lemon, and Ginger Marinade (serves 2- increase quantities as needed)

2 Albacore tuna steaks (God bless Trader Joe’s for their fab frozen fish section)
Soy sauce
Ponzu sauce
Zest of half a lemon
Three cloves of garlic, chopped or grated
A hefty pinch of dried ginger (don’t judge me, I’m out of fresh)
(In an ideal world, you may want to throw some toasted sesame oil in the marinade.)

You just need enough soy and ponzu sauce to cover the fish. Don’t bother measuring. Just used half of each. Mix it all up, toss in a ziplock bag and marinate for about an hour. I wouldn’t do any longer than that. Fish is super porous and reacts in weird ways. You don’t want to make accidental tuna ceviche.

Sear the fish in a bit of olive oil in a super hot pan to desired doneness. My fish was frozen, so I cooked it until done all the way through. If it was fresh though, I definitely would’ve left it very rare.

Here’s what it looked like!


What did you have for dinner tonight?

Hugs and kisses,



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