It’s Not Polite to Stare

Cue busy metropolitan setting. Coffee shop, trendy restaurant, sample sale.

Suddenly, I am next to someone I recognize. Stare once. Not an “ex-boyfriend, turn, walk fast, never look back” recognition, but a “hmm, you’re familiar, are you someone’s cousin?” sighting. I look again. Stare twice. Wait a second. Is that that girl from that show? Stare three times. I think it might be! Fourth glance. Definitely is. Google her. Look a fifth time. Must be. Sixth for good measure. Excitedly text friends about celebrity sighting. Seventh awkward peek now. Oops. Probably shouldn’t have looked that time. Stare in same direction but behind celebrity. They’ll think you’re just out of it. Looked again. Nine. Oh, heck, this is awesome! Ten. Facebook post! BFFs for life, k?



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