#reallife #hashtag

An infrequent user of twitter but frequent engager in awkward moments, I am all torn up over hashtags. I mean, honestly, it keeps lying awake at night tossing and turning.

I enjoy proper grammar. I teach literacy and writing. Hashtags simply do not exist in real life. Other icons and or text idioms can be equated to some sort of natural conversational action or reaction. Quotes=talking. Italics=stressing. CAPITALS=yelling (speaking of, can someone pass that on to the over forty population on Facebook?! Honestly.). Parentheses =tangents.

What do hastags equate to?? Are they modern day thought bubbles? Are they things you hope you would be clever enough to say in a verbal exchange? I am awkward. Totally and absolutely awkward. I get it. There is nothing more I would like to do within a long silent pause then to mutter under my breath about how the #awkwardsilenceiskillingme or how #ihaveamajorwedgie and can not do anything about it. But, I don’t. Its just not how life works. Perhaps it could or should be, but I can’t start that revolution.

I have no moral of the story. Good thing I never went into fable writing. #imconfused #whyistheregrayarea #whydonthashtagshavepunctuation #stillconflicted



One thought on “#reallife #hashtag

  1. They don’t equate to anything in real conversation. The original point of the hashtag was to make it easier for people to search topics/content on IRC networks and then later on Twitter. On Twitter, now, it’s become more about memes as opposed to the original purpose.

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